Vision systems

Vision technologies are increasingly used for quality control, that is checking the conformity of a product to a design, including dimensional, manufacturing and feature compliance. A properly implemented vision inspection process ensures reliable control, rejection of defects and significantly improves the quality control process. In order to implement vision inspection correctly, besides a good understanding of the process and the customer's needs, and a good configuration of the vision system itself including the use of appropriate illuminators, lenses and filters, it is also necessary to ensure optimal working conditions for the vision system in an industrial environment that is often unfavourable for proper operation. It is necessary to protect a vision system from excessive shocks and vibrations that may disrupt its work. It is also necessary to protect cameras from dust and external lighting, which is also important and has a huge impact on the quality of images. Therefore, we offer suitable housings of vision systems providing optimal working conditions with their own transporter where the examined product is moved under the camera and the encoder triggers the photos at the right time.


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