Tools & Competences

We use advanced computer-aided design (CAD) systems, as well as simulation system for physical analysis and dynamic simulation. Our designs are optimized by use of FEA (Finite Elements Analysis), to ensure its endurance and reliability.
We choose components of recognizable manufacturers calculating their properties accordingly. Driving units (electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic) are adjusted to clients preferences and considered properly to fulfil demands without the risk of being overloaded or worn out before their lifetime. We do work with leading drives’ manufacturers and stay in touch with their engineers, to ensure that our clients’ trust is not put to the test. We design on the basis of international technical and safety standards, so our products are marked with CE.

NECC’s engineering team is a synergy of theory and huge experience coming from dozens of projects already executed, what gives our client:

Experience of over 90.000 hours spent on engineering works.
Dozens of well performed applications.
High, and constantly developed, level of real knowledge.
Care of quality, reliability and possibly low-cost solutions.

That defines the NECC's brand.

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