Material handling


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Gravity roller conveyors

We design, manufacture and supply gravity roller conveyors of different sizes, capacities and purposes.
Gravity conveyors are the simplest solution of material handling equipment used in conveying lines.
They can be used for manual translation of goods between stations, or properly sloped also used in automated lines where goods can be freely buffered in longer section of the system.


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Driven roller conveyors

We offer roller conveyors driven by electric gearmotors. Our designs cover transporters for light goods, as well as heavy ones, which demand robust and stable structures. Roller conveyors are cost and energy effective, durable means for transportation of readymade and packed products, but also for materials during production processes. They can be used in short or long lines and surrounded with many accessories, e.g. side guides, loading auxiliary equipment, positioning stoppers, etc. Roller conveyors may be a part of other devices, like carts, lifts, turntables, flippers, weighting units, and many more.


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Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are our another devices. We design and manufacture double, triple and more stringed conveyors which meet requirement of particular demand. This sort of devices are used when goods need to be supported in specific way, frequently are of significant weight and have the shape or other features which do not allow to use other type of conveyors. They are necessary in many production and transportation lines, and like other conveyors may be used as a part of more complex machines. Application of customized, dedicated types of chains significantly improves the range of possible usage of our validated solutions.


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Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors are recommended for products or materials which should be constantly supported on the whole bottom surface, or in processes where the flat sliding plane is needed. They are used for horizontal transport and in solutions where inclined lines are necessary for the sake of changing the height or level of transport. Wide choice of belt’s types, from one with smooth PVC structure, through antiadhesive textiles, those covered with Teflon or other special coating, with dedicated gripping texture, or of modular plastic or steel construction, with sidewalls or profiles, of different chemical and mechanical resistance – makes this type of conveyors often an irreplaceable choice.


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Roller-chain crossing

The crossing of the roller and the chain conveyors enables perpendicular change of transport line direction. It allows to build a connection between two lines for more complex material flow, often supervised by logistic system. The load entering the crossing from one conveyor is put onto the second one which defines the exit direction. The transmission is performed with or without the change of transportation height. Our solutions allows the change of height to be at any level.


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Turntable with roller conveyor

Rotating roller conveyors are often met in a connecting points of few paths of conveying lines. By use of this tool one can cross lines coming from different (not only perpendicular) directions. Turntables are used also on in-line working stations or close to automated wrapping machines where turning goods is needed to perform the task. We offer turntables in wide range of dimensions and capacities, typical ones, as well as customized for individually defined user’s requirements.


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Turntable with chain conveyor

Turntable with chain conveyor serves mainly to change traveling direction of goods which needs to be supported in an unchanged manner. They share advantages with previously presented turntables with roller conveyors. Similarly to those we propose typical and custom made solutions.



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Transfer carts

Transfer carts are working in distribution points of transportation systems or as a mean of convenient transport of single load for longer distances where building the whole line of conveyors is not needed or even restricted. Carts equipped with any type of conveying device can pick up goods from main line and share them between many others for buffering or distributing purposes. Carts of our design can have sort of functional devices, e.g. flippers, turntables, forks, lifts, clamping devices, etc., what gives them huge number of possible utilization.


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Lifting units

In our offer one may found also lifting units. Devices responsible for vertical movement may bear any type of conveyor or auxiliaries. Lifts allow to transfer loads between different, even significantly distant, levels. They distribute goods from one floor of the factory or store, to other. With a connection to conveying line placed on high structure or attached under the ceiling, they let to carry material out above the floor, saving space and time.


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Hi-bay storage and retrieval units

This systems are response to the need of using available storage area in the most optimized way. Equipped with narrow, staffless corridors of gravity conveyors which length can be adjusted to individual requirements, works well in applications where short time of transfer from the line to the storage is needed. Transfer units can be equipped with roller, belt, chain or any other type of conveyors depending of the sort of goods. Connected to master PLC of conveying system this devices are working in automatic mode.


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Hi-bay storage buffering units

Buffering units are equipped with telescopic forks and works with racks. They are used for temporary storing of goods. This solutions are used for automatic storing of products received from the line or manufacturing cell or works as a semi-automatic storage where goods are brought by forklifts, while the unit is operated through Human Machine Interface by the operator.