The products in  NECC's standard range allow the user to carry out most transport functions. Below are the basic elements of the lines and systems manufactured by our company, from which the user can configure a suitable conveyor system at the initial planning stage.

For more complex conveyor systems, or the need for special conveyors, the type of which you will not find in the overview below, we invite you to contact our engineers directly, who will assist you in selecting the appropriate equipment. 


Pallet positioning system:  


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Roller-chain crossing

Roller-chain crossing enable perpendicular changes of direction in a transport line. They also make it possible to build distribution nodes in more complex systems.When changing direction, the load is put off from one conveyor onto the crossed conveyor, which results in a change in the height of transport. In our designs, it is also possible to apply solutions allowing the transfer of goods between conveyors without any change in height or with a significant change in the height of the line if this is required by the technological process.


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Roller turntable

Roller turntables are frequently used at crossings of several transport routes. They can be used to cross transport routes which are joined at any angle. Turntables are often used in technological stations or in cooperation with automated wrapping machines, where the cargo is wrapped with stretch foil already on the transport line. We offer turntables in a wide range of dimensions and load capacities, both typical and for special purposes defined by the user.


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Turntable with chain conveyor

Turntables with an integrated chain conveyor are mainly used to change the direction of transport of loads which type of support cannot be changed. They offer the same advantages and functions as a roller conveyor turntable. As in the case of roller turntables, we offer solutions for the most common types of loads and special designs to meet individual requirements.

Distribution equipment:



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Transport carts

Transport carts are used in distribution hubs of transport systems or as a means of fast transport of single loads over longer distances. Carts with any type of conveyor installed can pick up the load from a single line and distribute it to a number of parallel, buffer or distribution lines, leading to different departments of the factory or separate sections of the warehouse. Our trolleys can also be equipped with special devices, such as tippers, turntables, telescopic forks, scissor lifts, etc., which makes their range of application very wide. The carts can operate in automatic mode without operator control or be made in lightweight form without motors as auxiliary equipment for production workers..


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Among our solutions there are also transport lifts. These devices realise vertical movement and can be equipped with any transport or technological device. They make it possible to transfer loads between different levels. They are used to distribute goods to individual floors of factories and warehouses. In connection with a transport line placed on a high supporting structure or suspended from the ceiling, they enable transport in the upper parts of halls - above racks, transport routes or machines.

Product packaging equipment:


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Our product portfolio also includes stacking devices, which are used to take goods from the production or transport line and stack them ready for packaging or storage. Stacking machines are integrated with cooperating devices, so that they do not require additional service. They work in automatic mode, taking over a number of operations which were carried out before their implementation, often by several workers.


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Stacking unit

Another type of automatic storage devices we offer are stacker units operating in technological lines. They are used for stacking goods during the transport process. They can be used to create or decompose stacks of crates, pallets, cartons or special containers and compact goods for further transport. Stackers are used at the ends of processing lines, in front of shipping zones or warehouses. Destackers are used for effective and efficient de-stacking of goods taken from the warehouse or received from the forwarding department. The combination of both devices can be used on buffer lines to multiply their capacity.


portal przenoszący

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Stacking portals

We offer grapples operating in automatic mode, which are most often found in handling areas on automated conveyor lines or in production cells. Grapples mounted on transfer portals can also be used for stacking or de-stacking loads and placing them on conveyors or in the work space of a technological station. Transfer portals can be controlled by a PLC-based supervisory system or remotely by an operator from a control panel.

Other ancillary equipment:

Manipulator pneumatyczny

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Manual Manipulators

We design, manufacture and implement various types of mechanical grapples, vacuum grippers and pneumatic manipulators for moving workpieces between workstations. The grapples are mounted on a support column or attached to the hall wall and equipped with a hoist to lift the grappled load. We offer straight and rotating grapples that allow you to change the position of the load during transport. Manual manipulators are operated directly by the operator.